Imagine I’m an awkward 20-something man, kind of hip – but not a hipster – maybe I look like I’m in a band – and that the readers following me are like characters from a Louis CK skit: a shy and awkward teenager who transforms into her characters as she reads; a fashionable, attractive but standoffish 40-something woman and a 20-something dude — my brother and writing partner, in fact.

Imagine that none of us, except for myself and my brother, have anything in common other than that we are here, but that as we tell our stories, common elements begin to appear and slowly, our characters start seeing each other, across their stories, and begin to communicate.

Throw in post- apocalyptic scenarios, aliens and essays on the fate of women and what it means to be a great, and you have The Low Self-Esteem Reading Room.



Publishing your eBook on Amazon

Publishing your eBook on Amazon

May 19 2016

A HANDS-ON WORKSHOP FOR E-PUBLISHING YOUR MANUSCRIPT TO AMAZON Are you an author with a book to publish? Have you heard how…



Jan 15 2015

This is the place to check for upcoming releases, reviews, readings, performances and workshops.


m-van-delstMalcolm van Delst was born on Sept. 29, 1963, near Ottawa, Canada. Her parents, immigrants from Holland, were farmers. She is the second of six children.

Malcolm is the first person in her family to go to university and the only one to reside more than fifty miles from the homestead. She completed her B.A. in English at McMaster University, then went on to study Integrated Media at Emily Carr University.

She has worked professionally as a:

  • writer,
  • videographer,
  • photographer,
  • film composer,
  • graphic designer and
  • web developer.

Her coding skills, combined with her age and gender, make her somewhat of a unicorn.

When Malcolm’s not writing, she does yoga, cycles, watches movies and follows current events. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her partner, Mike and her fat orange cat, Bob.


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